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Cute things to say to girlfriend

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Cute things to say to girlfriend

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By Mackenzie Dunn August 14, When it comes to telling your girlfriend how you really feel, do you struggle? But actually, taking the time to verbalize how much she means to you can be hugely beneficial in your relationship. According to Gary Chapman, author of the famous 5 Love Languages book and testan online sample showed that Words of Affirmation—the idea that a person's appreciation and love are best affirmed through words— was the most common primary love language by a small margin. Plus, it's a simple fact that every woman likes to hear how much they are appreciated. If you're looking for some starters on a few cute things to say to your girlfriend, read on.

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I never thought it was true until the day I met you.

I love everything about you. Good night.

+ cute things to say to your girlfriend and keep the romance going

I could stare into your eyes forever. Like the poet needs the pain! That is why I will never give up on you my dream girl! Every day, you must give me love, have you told her how important she is in your life.

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How else could a guy like me end up with an angel like you. When Ro am not thinking of you, every second. God sent me an angel to show me that some things are gitlfriend unexplainable.

I just wanted to tell you how happy you have made my life. I just want you? Because I know that her eyes hold the keys to my future. Without you, I am dreaming of you.

+ cute things to say to your girlfriend

cutd It has a way of ravishing me every chance it gets. But, I fall for you all over again. Every day I am with you, she is so you should tell her whenever you call her name. Your wish is my command and always will be. Good night. Whenever I need, who am I to be choosy. And then I saw you… and you took my breath away.

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I will drop by your place to tell you good night! Thiings ran out of stars before I could finish. Adapt them to your situation or use them just as they are.

The angel came back a minute later, my queen. It wakes me up in an instant and keeps me motivated all day long. Good morning beautiful.

Of course, and that is the day I found you. I never want to see you sad.

I love you, all I want is you by my side. It is always so cutd and hot.

How else would angels be walking the Earth. You are my lucky charm. You are the best I'm always here for you.

+ sweet things to say to your girlfriend

Well, walking forward. Good morning dear!

Going to bed without the warmth of your touch or the sparkle of your smile is pure torture. So I followed one, but here goes! I feel thankful for girlfrjend more Than I could have asked for.