What they’re saying about Deb Seeley Designs…

Jack Moffett

“Deb Seeley, what can we say, she is a life saver and world changer!!
We first met Deb at The Portland Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes. From the beginning and throughout our extensive remodel, Deb was at our side every step of the way. We had finally met a true professional who would actually listen to us and continually advise us as to what our options were and the corresponding costs and benefits.

Deb was not timid about letting us know if she felt we were headed in the wrong direction and always had a creative alternative. Deb’s drawings, plans and material lists, were utilized, daily by our contractor and their subcontractors. Before we ever started our project, Deb met with our contractor and our main subcontractors, to insure that they were of the quality that she expected. She was willing to fly into our location, several times, to inspect and insure the quality of our finished project.

We are totally pleased with our newly remodeled home!! We can’t tell you how important and cost effective it was for us to employ her services. Regrets? Yes!, we regret that our remodel is done and we don’t have another one to do with Deb!!”

Pete Gerber and Carol Vial

“When Jim Bruce first told us that he had a great person to design our remodel we looked at ourselves and said “ok”, what do we have to lose. It was fortunate that Deb was in the Desert the same time as we were, so we met and had a couple of hours discussion, after she left both Carol and I said to ourselves “By gosh, she’s got it”. She understood what we wanted.

The plan she came up with was superb. We still marvel at it every day. Our lovely home (thanks to Deb) is just perfect for us and it doesn’t show any signs of being remodeled or added on to. As Deb is also an interior designer, she helped pull everything together, we couldn’t be happier.

P.S. She also has a wonderful sense of humor!!”

Beverly Woodward – Attorney at Law

“Deb Seeley energetically, creatively and conscientiously has helped us design and implement remodels of our kitchen, media room, and bathrooms of our Southwest Portland home over the past 12 years. She listens carefully to our “want” list, makes wonderful suggestions and prepares detailed designs to make our space a perfect fit for us!

Always love her professionalism, enthusiasm and state of the art knowledge of fixtures, appliances, storage solutions, flooring materials and cabinetry. Would and will have her help us again and again with any home design or remodel project. Does fantastic work!”

Donna Erdman

“I am MOST happy to recommend Deb Seeley of Deb Seeley Designs as a consultant for any job related to creating a beautiful home! We are currently undergoing a whole house remodel which began as a kitchen remodel. In that process, we discovered multiple dangerous faults with the house that was built in 1962 by the original owner. One thing led to another, and the job that Deb originally agreed to became much larger in scope.

As the homeowner I was COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED but Deb’s professional, courteous, good natured and encouraging spirit made facing the task more bearable and even exciting in anticipating a home which will be MUCH nicer than we were initially settling for. I am MOST FORTUNATE to have Deb as our designer and decorator, she is truly a BLESSING!”

Joan Peck

“I have worked with Deb for over 20 years. I have found her to be extremely professional, quick to respond and very detail oriented. She has the most incredible color sense. I have had 20 samples of paint on the wall and she will come in and pick the exact right color in a second.

I have discovered on my recent remodel that she also has a great designing vision in terms of cabinetry. I wanted to add a library to my dining room and the result far exceeded my vision!

I am so thrilled I am in there everyday just staring at it. The same is true for the two bathrooms she recently remodeled.”

Dean & Pam Snodgrass

“We first worked with Debbie 18 years ago when our home was being built. She was partnered with another designer at the time, and one of the things that really impressed us was her ability to combine design and beauty with practical (we had very small children at the time!).

Since then we have continued to use Deb for both large and small projects – major kitchen/family room re-do, miscellaneous paint and wallpaper updating, and most recently to reinvent our entire living and dining room.

We know what we like when we see it, but tend to get in a rut and aren’t so good at putting it all together. Deb always keeps our likes and lifestyle in mind, but does a fabulous job of helping us jump outside of our comfort zone – with the result being a wonderful combination of pizzazz, functionality, comfort, and a feeling of “this is us”!

We highly recommend Debbie for any and all home design projects!”

Susie & Jeff Mengis

“Jeff and I still talk about the fact that the best thing we ever did was hire you, Deb! We could have never done this without you. Our kitchen and family room remodel are beautiful and we owe it all to you!

Everything is beautifully designed and coordinated to make us feel like we are living in our dream home.

Your professionalism and ability to listen to us about what we desired for an outcome was incredible – we couldn’t be happier! You made our lives so much easier because of your help and expertise!”